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Sir/Mam I need ur help in Kinematics

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Thu June 05, 2008

The initial speed is given in the question, the reaction time is the time taken by the driver to reduce his speed.

Don't forget to change speed from km/h to m/s before solving the question.

(i)Take u = 54km/h,  t = 0.2s, a= -6.0m/s2

Find v to get braking distance.

Use this v as the initial velocity to find total stopping distance, but now use a = 0

so u = v obtained in (i), v = 0, then find b

use equations of motion to solve for a and b

In the same way  solve for second driver.

Please try the question if you still unable to do it, just type in the steps that you do so that we help you complete the question.

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