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sir i have a question: find the value of 'x' so that thye three points,(2,7) (6,1) (x,0)are collinear.

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Tue November 22, 2011
let us name the three points given as A(2,7), B(6,1) and C(x,0)
These 3 points will be collinear would mean that A B C form a single straight line
Hence the slope of the line would be the same
So, slope is given by the formula = y2-y1 / x2-x1
Slope of AB = 1-7/6-2= -6/4 = -3/2
Slope of BC = 0-1/x-6 = -3/2
So, -1/x-6 = -3/2
or, 2=3(x-6)
3x= 20
x=20/3 is the answer
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