Sun August 05, 2012 By: Soha

rite dwn d various properties of magnetism in detail

Expert Reply
Wed August 08, 2012
  • All the magnets have two types of poles: north-seeking poles or north poles and south-seeking poles or south poles. Magnetic properties are concentrated at the poles.
  • When a bar magnet is horizontally and freely suspended, it always comes to rest in a north-south direction. North pole of the magnet points to the North Pole of the Earth.
  • Like poles repel, unlike poles attract. (just as like charges repel and unlike charges attract).
  • Magnets attract magnetic materials such as iron, steel, cobalt and nickel.
  • The stronger the poles, the larger will be the attractive or repulsive force between them. Also, the closer together they are, the greater is the force.
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