Sun January 30, 2011 By: Chandan Tuli
a ray of light of refractive index 1.6,approaches the boundary surface between the liquid and air at an angle of incidence i where sini =0.7.which of the following statements is true about the behaviour of the light ?

ray of light

Expert Reply
Mon January 31, 2011
Dear student,
Using snell's law,
n ref.ind X 0.7 = n air X sin(angle)
1.6 X 0.7 = 1 X sin (angle)
Sin -1 ( 1.12 ) = 1 X angle
This is greater than 90 deg.
i here is 45 deg.
Hence, The sine of the angle of refraction of the emergent ray will be greater than 0.7.
Hope this helps.
Thanking you
Fri September 08, 2017

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