Tue February 26, 2013 By: Vinny

producers-herbivorous-lower carnivorous-higher carnivorous In the given food chain, 10,000J of energy is available with producers. Calculate and find the amount of energy recieved from producers to top carnivorous?

Expert Reply
Wed February 27, 2013
According to 10% law, at each trophic level about 10% of the energy of the previous trophic level is passed to the next trophic level.
So if energy is available to producers = 10,000 J
Energy available to herbivores = 10,000 x 10/100 = 1000 J
Energy available to lower carnivores = 1000 x 10/100 = 100 J
Energy available to higher carnivores = 100 x 10/100 = 10 J
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