Tue April 08, 2014 By: Sumit Goyal

Plz tell me Which is the MATHS best Reference for Class10 & why a. Dinesh b. R.D. Sharma c. Together With d. Evergreen Self-Study e. S.Chand f. Any Other If f. Then Plz Mention Which

Expert Reply
Tue April 08, 2014
R.D sharma and S.Chand
These books are very best for those who want to score good marks.
Every year the book is updated and the updated questions is very important for the coming exams.R.D sharma had provided examples of each and every types of questions and he has given hint for all the tough questions which help student very much.

Many other books I had also seen but I found it was very complicated.

So In my view R.D Sharma is best.

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