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Plz explain
The concept of NAM has broader meaning in unipolar world

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Shubhali Kulshrestha
Wed December 06, 2017
There was bipolarity in the world during the Cold War. Bipolar world means when there are two super powers. After the end of the Cold War, US was the only lone super power int he world. This is unipolar world. It means that only one country is economically, culturally and politically powerful. 
NAM was formed by member countries which were against joining any power block during the Cold War. After the end of the Cold War, NAM is still doing a great work and its importance has not been lost. 

With the emergence of neo colonialism ( use of economic, political, cultural or other pressure to influence former colonies), many newly independent nations were unable to take concrete decisions in the economic fields due to the pressure exerted by the powerful nations and organisations like the World Bank, WTO, IMF etc. Under such circumstances, NAM came forward to help these countries in trying to asserting their economic rights.USA off late has emerged as a powerful nation. NAM has immense potentialities and experience to prevent the dominating of USA over countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thus, NAM still remains an important and powerful force which aims at achieving international peace, disarmament and economic development. 

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