Wed January 26, 2011 By: Om Prakash Arya

PLease answer this tricky Question.It was asked by Pawan Sir at the end of the episode(I am asking to Pawan sir who had asked me).I am eagerly waiting for the solution.

Expert Reply
Wed January 26, 2011
Dear student,
Remove the circle of the first row, and put it in the second row (this row will become the first row of the arrangement of circles which is required). Now we will be left with three rows of circles (first and second having 3 circles, and third having four circles). Then, from the last row (bottom) remove one circle and add it in the first row (top). Again, remove one circle from the last row (bottom), and make the fourth row by putting this circle in that row. You will now get the required arrangement of the circles.
We hope that clarifies your query.
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