Fri September 04, 2009 By: Kirti Chawla

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Expert Reply
Wed September 09, 2009

Animals can react to stimuli in various ways whereas plants react to stimuli in limited way.

Plants do not have a nervous system whereas animals have a well developed nervous system.

Plants do not show specialised endocrine glands, which are present in animals.

Tropic and nastic movements are shown by plants to react to various stimuli. These are not seen in animals.

In animals, the contractile proteins of muscles bring about the various body movements under the control of the nervous system. But in plants, movements are brought about by the action of hormones or by changing the plant cell shape by altering its water content..

Plants respond to stimuli by movements of individual parts only and not of the entire plant. Animals can move either part of the body or the whole body as per need.


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