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while performing the sonometer experiment to study the relation between frequency and length of a given wire under constant tension....

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Thu March 01, 2012
The wire should be of uniform cross-section and there should not be any twist or bend in it. 
The pulley should rotate without friction. 
Put that much weight in the pan so that the deformation produced in the wire should not exceed the elastic limit. 
The stem of the tuning fork, not its prongs, should be placed on the sonometer box or on the support. 

Apparatus:-    A sonometer,
                       tuning forks ( of frequencies from 256 Hz – 512 Hz),  
                       a pan or a hanger of known weight, 
                       four to five 500 gm weights,
                        a paper rider, 
                       a rubber-pad and 
                       a meter rule.  


Sonometer Observation table

Graph of Sonometer

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