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Nine volumes of gaseous mixture consisting of a gaseous organic compound A and just sufficient amount of oxygen required for complete combustion yielded on burning 4 volumes of CO2 , 6 volumes of water vapour and 2 volumes of N2 all volumes measured at the same the same temprature and pressure. If the compund A contained carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen- 1)How many volumes of oxygen are required for complete combustion? 2)What is molecular formula of the compound A?

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Fri June 24, 2011
  The balanced chemical equation can be written as:-
    C2H4N2 + 3O2 ? 2CO2 + 2H2O + N2
     (9-v)        v            4         6        2
(i) The GAY LUSSAC'S LAW ,according to which the reactants are in whole number ratio which is equal to the mole ratio.
(ii) The molecular mass of compound A i.e. C2H4N2=(2×12)+(4×1)(2×14)=56g/mol.
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