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My concepts of hybridisation is not getting clear even after watching the videos for several times.. so what should i do to clear my concepts,plz HELP

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Sun January 13, 2013

The hybridization is just mixing of the atomic orbital to form new orbit. To which we call hybrid orbital. It is good for the qualitative description of the atomic bonding properties. The Hybridised orbital iv very useful for defining the shape of molecular. It is an integral part of the valence bond theory. The hybrids are generally named based on the atomic orbitals which we used for the hybridization process. that are involved in the hybridisation, and the geometries of the hybrids are also reflective of those of the atomic-orbital contributors. For example, in methane (CH4) a set of sp3 orbitals are formed by mixing one sand three p orbitals on the carbon atom, and are directed towards the four hydrogen atoms which are located at the vertices of a regular tetrahedron.

Like in this they contain 255 of s orbital and 75% of p orbital.
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