Thu May 17, 2012 By: Divyeh Chugh

Multipurpose farming?

Expert Reply
Thu May 17, 2012
It is the same as mixed farming.
Mixed farming is a  system of farming in which a farmer conducts different types of agricultural practices together, on a single farm in view of increasing his income through different sources. Here the farmer uses a single farm for multiple purposes, such as the growing of cash crops or the raising of livestock.
Some of these practices that can be done together with the main agricultural practices are – poultry farming, dairy farming, bee keeping,  sericulture, pisciculture, shrimp farming, goat and sheep rearing, piggery and agro forestry. Thus a farmer can raise his income manifold through carrying out different farming practices together. The greatest benefit from this type of farming is that if any one business does not pay desired benefit, the same can be recovered from the benefit of the other business.
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