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means of spread of disease?

Expert Reply
Mon November 19, 2012

Infectious diseases may spread through variety of ways:

-          Air-borne diseases, as the name suggests spread through air. This occurs through the droplets released by an infected person during coughing or sneezing. When these droplets are inhaled by another person, he may also get infected.

-          Water-borne diseases spread through water. It occurs when the stool of an infectious gut disease gets mixed with drinking water. When such water is consumed by healthy people, they may get infected.

-          Sexually-transmitted diseases are transmitted by sexual contact from one partner to another.

-          Vectors like mosquitoes, also transmit diseases from infected to healthy people.

-          In addition, other ways of spreading diseases are through blood transfusions, using/sharing infected needles, from pregnant mother to child, from nursing mother to child etc.

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