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maam can u tell me elaborate difference between breathing and respiration??

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Thu August 04, 2011
Breathing is a constant process where you breathe in and out constantly through out the day. It is a process of taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Respiration is a process where the body breaks down the oxygen and releases energy, so that the cells in the body can use it.
Breathing is a physical process and respiration is a chemical process. Breathing is a process
of taking oxygen into the lungs while respiration is taking the oxygen from the lungs into the blood stream or to the cells.
Breathing is an exchange of gases between cells and the external environment whereas respiration is a process that takes place in the cells.
Breathing is a voluntary action and respiration is an involuntary action.  Respiration is an active and mechanical process that involves the conversion of chemical energy into other forms of energy and breathing has no action or conversion involved.
Breathing can be controlled whereas respiration cannot be controlled.
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