Thu July 28, 2011 By: Stuti Jain

like Cr and Cu ,why Si dont have the electronic configuration of 3s1and 3p3

Expert Reply
Mon August 01, 2011
The reason behind this is the energy gap between the orbitals. 
hope this figure will help in understanding this.
In case of Cu, the electrons are filled as 3d10 4s1. This is based on Hund's rule. 

Electrons fill low energy orbitals (closer to the nucleus) before they fill higher energy ones. Where there is a choice between orbitals of equal energy, they fill the orbitals singly as far as possible.

This filling of orbitals singly where possible is known as Hund's rule. It only applies where the orbitals have exactly the same energies (as with p orbitals, for example), and helps to minimise the repulsions between electrons and so makes the atom more stable.

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