Thu January 20, 2011 By: Ram Chander

It is said that we should not rub our eyes. why is that please explain me?

Expert Reply
Thu January 20, 2011
Dear student,
Our eyes are very delicate organs. We should take utmost care of them. If you ever suddenly feel that your eye itches so bad that you must, must rub it, the more the itch- the more likely you will get an eye infection from doing that. Please don’t fall into the trap and rub the itch.Instead, you have to let go of that overwhelming urge and instead dash to the washroom, clean your hands well and use it to cup water to your eyes. Put your eye into the cupped hand filled with water and blink a few times.

The fingertips really contained a lot of germs- source of germs:

  • being in public places and touching things like handrails, etc

Hope this helps.


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