Wed December 06, 2017 By: Anirudh Chirala

is that caste that is politising   caste or that the politics are politised with caste 

Expert Reply
Shubhali Kulshrestha
Wed December 06, 2017

Politics too influences the caste system. Thus, it is not politics that gets caste ridden, it is the caste that gets politicised:

  • Each caste group tries to gain influence by adding other subcastes to it which otherwise earlier were excluded from it.
  • Various caste groups due to politics enter into coalition with other castes or communities. They enter into dialogue and negotiations.
  • New castes have come into political arena like ‘backward’ and ‘forward’ caste groups.

Thus, we can say that caste plays a different kinds of role in politics. At times, expression of caste differences may give many disadvantaged communities the space to demand their share of power. 

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