Sat December 08, 2012 By: Avani Pandey

is it necessary that the centre of mass always lies at the geometrical centre of the object??

Expert Reply
Mon December 10, 2012
In an entirely uniform gravitational field, the center of mass is often called the center of gravity—the point where gravity can be said to act. By locating the center of mass of a system, one can analyze the motion of the entire system as distinguished from the motion of its individual parts.
The center of mass of a body does not always coincide with its intuitive geometric center. For example, engineers try to design a sport car such that its center of gravity is as low as possible, to make the car handle better. When a high jumper performs a "Fosbury Flop," it involves bending the body in such a way that the jumper can clear the bar while his or her center of mass does not.Also, an object will not topple as long as its center of mass lies within its base of support.
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