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in the lesson of classification- early attempts part 2 it is written that mendeleev is the father of the modern pediodic table whereas it is seaborg??

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Thu February 07, 2013
Mendeleev laid out all the known elements in order of 'atomic weight'; he published a table of the elements organized by increasing atomic mass. His 'presentation' was sufficiently accurate to predict missing elements and their properties e.g. germanium (Ge) below silicon (Si) and above tin (Sn) in Group IV and hence Mendeleev is rightly called the 'father of the modern Periodic Table'.  He even corrected the atomic masses of beryllium (Be), indium (In), and uranium (U).
Whereas Glenn Seaborg co-discovered 10 elements with Edwin McMillan. He moved 14 elements out of the main body to their current locations.
So, Mendeleev is rightly called the father of periodic table and not seaborg.
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