Mon June 04, 2012 By: Pp Methuku

In Solar System,Sun has most mass.Why do the planets not attract the sun?

Expert Reply
Mon June 04, 2012
The sun does exert a gravitational "pull" on all the planets in our solar system by the suns mass curving the space around it not by any "attracting" or "pulling."
Sun has lot of gravity compare to planets due to which it attracts the planets towards it 
The Suns gravitational acceleration (not 'attraction', not 'power') causes the Earth to be accelerated towards the Sun (centripital force). The Earths motion (along a path at right angles to the Suns acceleration) causes it to try and move away from the Sun (centrifugal force). Since these two components of motion are balanced, the Earth moves in a roughly circular (actually elliptical) path around the Sun. The system -is- in equilibrium and will remain so unless something perturbates the Earths orbit.
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