Thu August 04, 2011 By: Shivam Kaushik

in SN1 carbocation intermediate is generated but what happens when beta carbon is higher degree.what is E1CB reaction

Expert Reply
Fri August 05, 2011
In SN1 reaction carbocation is generated , if higher degree beta carbon is present then it will stabilise the carbocation by inductive effect.
The E1cB elimination reaction is a special type of elimination reaction in organic chemistry. The abbreviation stands for Elimination Unimolecular conjugate Base.This reaction mechanism explains the formation of alkenes from (mostly) alkyl halides through a carbanion intermediate given specified reaction conditions and specified substrates.  The reaction takes place around a sp3 - sp3 carbon to carbon covalent bond with an ?-acidic hydrogen atom substituent and a ?-leaving group. A strong base abstracts the ? proton generating a carbanion.
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