Mon November 05, 2012 By: Akriti

In an I-Vgraph of four resistors, current is taken on y-axis and voltage is taken on x-axis. If all the four resistors are of same lenth and same material, then how can we find which resistor has the minimum and which has the maximum cross-sectional area?

Expert Reply
Wed November 07, 2012
The slope of v-i graph gives=?I/?V=1/R
so that means more slope less R in this graph.
if the length and material same for all then :
least slope means that is for the conductor which has maximum resistance.
Maximum R mens that conductor will have least cross sectional area, ie, thinest.
so the conductor which has least slope will be thinnest.
theconductor which has max slope will be thickest.
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