Wed April 22, 2015 By: Jeel Katira

If [(x^2)(y^4353/7574)(x^443/55354)(z^1/446354)]/[(x^55;/546443)(y^633/6545)(z^1/5464744)]=xy/[(x^4457/574)(y^1/5534)(z^44446/45)]
and [(x^5474247/6477)(y^7353/5735)(z^1/4656)]/[(x^1/64646)(yz^5546/4564)]=xyz^54/7475/[(x^45/746)(zy^1/7474667)]
Then what is the value of [(x^64556/55463)(y^4/6374646)(z^1/55664)]/xyz

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satyajit samal
Thu April 23, 2015

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There are two equations and three unknowns and hence the solution will not be unique.
Also give relevant values to the powers of the variables.


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