Sun November 11, 2012 By: Arka Raha

if we take that light is going to denser medium from rarer medium and again emergin out from denser medium to rearer medium then the speed of light in denser medium will slow down and hence their will a difference of time in between if glass their and to the case if the glass was not their so hence it is not contracting the theory of relativity and E=mc2 given by einstein as if some how speed of light is decrease and will make time warp all about 4.25[approx]

Expert Reply
Wed November 14, 2012
I am very much sure tht you are confusing the change in the speed of light as it passes from one medium to another medium, with theory of relativity.
Never forget the first postulate of the theory of relativity is that the speed of light is a universal constant.
It never varies
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