Mon February 28, 2011 By: Radha Gupta

if we consider heavy nucleus as a machine to radiate gamma waves then can we have another machine(might be more heavy nucleus,or any another form or design of matter at scales equal to nucleus or might be smaller than nucleus or much much smaller than nucleus) to radiate waves having higher energy(higher frequency) than gamma waves(or something differnt than waves or particles)?can we human design another form of matter than we have all around. some thing differnt from the nucleus, atom or a new design of an atom?your answer might be no. but how about the idea is it unique or it already exists?i think we can have many type of paricles in our universe of which electrons, protons, neutrons are their.

Expert Reply
Wed March 16, 2011
Dear student,
1. can we human design another form of matter than we have all around?
A: physics says you can't create energy neither you can destroy. Matter is simply a form of energy (a very compact form).
2. Can we new design an atom?
A: As such, according to me, we cannot create atom, we can only discover them.
I must appreciate your keen interest in research and development. keep it up.
Best of luck.
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