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IF ? AND ? ARE THE ROOTS OF THE QUADRATIC EQUATION ax (WHERE X IS RAISED TO THE POWER 2)+bx+c=0 ,THEN FIND THE QUADRATIC EQUATION WHOSE ROOTS ARE 1)2? , 2? 2)?(where alpha is raised to the power 2) ,?(where beta is raised to the power 2) 3)1+?/1-? , 1+?/1-? 4)?/? , ?/?

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Sun December 02, 2012
from sum of roots and product of roots we can say
i) for the new equation
Sum of roots=2?+2?=2(?+?)=-2b/a
product of roots=2?*2?=4??=4c/a
therfor new equation
X^2+2b/a X+4c/a=0
or, aX^2-2bX+4c=0
Similarly in rest of the parts find sum and product of roots of the new equation and the equation can be written as
X^2-(sum of rrots)*X+(product of roots)=0
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