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if bond length of single bond is greater than triple bond ,then why bond length of h2 molecule is 74pm which is less than n2 molecule having triple bond and its bond length is 109 pm?

Expert Reply
Mon October 31, 2011
In this case size of atom also taken under consideration. 

Bond length depends on three main factors.

  1. Size of atoms: smaller atoms have lower bond length. The lowest bond length is between two atoms of the hydrogen, which has the smallest atom size. The bond length of H-H bond is 74 pm.
  2. Bond strength: stronger bonds tend to have lower bond length as compared to weaker bonds.
  3. Multiplicity of bonds: Multiply bonds tend to have lower bond lengths as compared to single ply bonds.

So, here we have to consider the size of atoms as well. Nitrogen is bigger in size than hydrogen.

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