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If a beam of light were to originate from infinity to be reflected.Will the ray ever get to the reflecting surface to get reflected.If it is travelling from infinity,we cannot gauge its could it be coming from an infinite distance.if so then will it ever reach the reflecting surface?

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Sat June 23, 2012
There is a filmsy defination of infinity.
It can be said as a distance which we cant percieve. it does not mean that we cannot guage its distance, the distance is just beyond percievness by current technology.
For example: the very famous microwave wavs coming from space are said to be originated in the big bang itself. it forms the the part of microwave background we see in the radio telescopic images of universe.
We can very well percieve those waves and they do reflect by the dishes of all those parabolic dish anttenas.
In fact the disurbance we se while tuning our tv sets having an image many back and white dots is due to those microwaves being reflected by our dishes being catched by the tv antennas
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