Sun September 08, 2013 By: Arushi

if a =2*3x3, b=2x3x5,c=3*nx5 and LCM (a,b,c)=2*3x3*2x5 then n= * means to the power of..

Expert Reply
Sun September 08, 2013
We know that LCM is the lowest common multiple of the given numbers.
a = 23 x 3
b = 2 x 3 x 5
c = 3n x 5
LCM of a,b,c = 23 x 3n x 5
Since, LCM will consists of the highest power of the prime factors. So, the power of 3 in finding out the LCM will be n as both a and b have consists of only one 3 as one of their prime factors.
Now, comparing the LCM obtained above by the given LCM, we get,
n = 2
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