Wed March 25, 2015 By: Ashlesha Kumar

identify the plant bodies which are commonly named as cryptogamae. State and explain two characterisitics which are exhibited by each category of these plant bodies.

Expert Reply
Sheetal Kolte
Wed March 25, 2015

Plant bodies which are commonly named as ‘Cryptogamae’ are

  1. Thallophyta
  2. Bryophyta
  3. Pteridophyta

Characteristics of these plant bodies are as follows:




  • Plants have an irregularly shaped, undifferentiated body called thallus.
  • Plant body is either in the form of an undifferentiated thallus or in the form of leafy erect structures.
  • Plant body is differentiated into stem, leaves and roots.
  • Vascular tissues are absent.
  • The plant body is green  and autotrophic.
  • Stem is generally underground.
  • Examples: Nostoc
  • Examples: Riccia
  • Examples: Nephrolepis
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