Wed April 09, 2014 By: Udit Lilhare

Iam not able to solve problems related to upstream and downatream.Ioften confuse with (+)ve and (-)ve signs on making equations what to do for this please help.How can I tackle these problems?

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Wed April 09, 2014
Dear Udit

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You might have taken a ride in a cycle in your town or city.
When the slope of the road is high, you might have taken heavy pedals to reach the destination.
And if the slope is low, it would have been easy for you to reach the location.
In a similar manner, let us consider that you are travelling in a boat.
During upstreams, the boat has to face the opposing velocity of the river and hence we need to subtract the velocity of the river from the velocity of the boat.
While driving through down streams, the boat will go very smoothly and hence the velocity of the boat increases. So we need to add the velocity of the river with the velocity of the boat.
Try some worked problems and still if you are confusing, you can ask doubt to ASK THE EXPERT SECTION.


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