Tue December 05, 2017 By: Janeta Yasmin

 I need more (upto5) example of THERMIT REACTIONS...

Expert Reply
Wed December 06, 2017
The thermite reaction is the reaction of metal oxide with reducing agent aluminium in order to obtain the metal. These displacement reactions are highly exothermic hence Known as thermite reactions.
The highly reactive metals can be used as reducing agents because they can displace metals of lower reactivity from their compounds.
For example, in order to obtain manganese, its oxide is heated with aluminium powder.
        3 MnO2 + 4Al  → 3 Mn + 2 Al2O3 + heat
Similarly ore of iron,i.e., haematite Fe2O3 
   Fe2O3  + 2 Al → 2 Fe + Al2O3 + heat
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