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How to study Organic Chemistry?

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Wed February 20, 2008

As per the marks distribution-

2 marks for named reaction so make a list of name rection frtom each unit, describe in breif and write general reaction and its application. Most of the conversions  for 5 marks are also from these reactions.

6 marks for reasoning- List out important reasoning of each unit and write the key factor responsile. example acdic strength of carboxylic acid, phenols are acidic, strength of amines, reactivity of aldehydes and ketones, solubility and boiling points of organic compounds.

2 marks reaction mechanism. write nucleophilicand electrophilic  addition and subsitution with examples.

2 marks distinguishing test- important pairs to remember are aldehyde and ketone, alcohols and phenol, phenol and acid, primary secondary and tertiary amines, methanol and ethanol, HCHO and CH3CHO. write these tests with balanced equation. Also write one test for each functional group and try to recollect as most of them you have done in practicals also.

It is important to remember common reducing agent, oxidising agent, acylation, dehydrating agents, nitration and halogenating mixtures as these help you to convert compound.

Stick all these lists on your study table and go thru them twice a day.  in 2 days automatically you will recollect by number and place in the list the reactions.


Dehydration means removal of water, if C2H5OH is dehydrated minus H2O. C2H4 will remain. You have to rote learn in organic and it is effective if you do it with understanding.  Repetetion and writing is the only way to remember organic.



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