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How to Produce F1 & F2 generations through cross method or punnet methd?

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Tue January 01, 2013
You need to first write the genotype of both parents, followed by the gametes produced by each parent. Next write the genotype of the offsprings produced in F1 generation. Then the offsprings in F1 are crossed. For this all possible gametes produced by each parent are written and then we see the outcome of each possible cross. This is done using a Punnet square.The following example will make it clear.
A pea plant with round yellow seeds (RRYY) is crossed with another pea plant having green wrinkled seeds.
Parents             RRYY     x     rryy
F1 generation      All RrYy
F1 gametes        RY    rY   Ry    ry
Punnet square of gametes produced:
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