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how to draw and depict the dot configurations of various elements or compounds?Explain In description by method to method.

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Fri December 28, 2012

In a covalent compound, electrons are shared between atoms to form a covalent bond in order that each atom in the compound has a share in the number of electrons required to provide a stable, Noble Gas, electronic configuration.

Electrons in the Lewis Structure (electron dot diagram) are paired to show the bonding pair of electrons.

Often the shared pair of electrons forming the covalent bond is circled

Sometimes the bond itself is shown (-), these structures can be referred to as valence structures.



hydrogen fluoride, HF, electron dot structure is .H
  • Hydrogen atom has 1 valence electron 


  • Fluorine atom has 7 valence electrons 
Lewis Structure (electron dot diagram) for ammonia OR 
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