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How to calculate log and antilog values explain

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Tue December 11, 2012


  Taking both side log


logy=     log28+1/2log3+log729+1/2log5



½ log46.35

  Now in log table see the values of log2,log7,log3,log5,log46.35

For this take for example log2=.3010 for this lookout for 20 for 0  ,20 is written in first coloumn and then 0 in horizontal direction which gives 3010 as 2=2*10^0 so add decimal  Before 3010,like .3010

Take log20 for example 20=2*10^1

So in this case answer will be=1.3010

Take log256 for  example 256=2.56*10^2

So in case look for 25 along horizontal for 6 which is equal to=4082

So answer will be=2.4082

In this question log 46.35 can be calculated in similar way


Look for 46 along horizontal for 3

Which is =6656,now for extra 5 look in the same column in values of delta m for 5=5

So log46.35=1.6656+.0005=1.6661


Now, put the values and get the answer. Similarly, you can try the second part.

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