Sun March 08, 2015 By: Mansi Agrawal

how do people celebrate monsoon as a festival in india?

Expert Reply
Shubhali Kulshrestha
Mon March 09, 2015

India is a tropical country where good Monsoon ensures good crop production. It also provides water to the villagers who have travel miles in order to collect drinking water. Thus, people of India celebrate festivals and holidays in order to welcome Monsoon in the country. The festival of ‘teej’ is celebrated at the onset of the Monsoons and every thing good that it brings to the country. Adiperukku in Tamil Nadu is celebrated as the Monsoons bring life giving water.

As states earlier, good Monsoon means good crop production. India is an agricultural land where most of the farmers depend upon rainfall. The onset of Monsoon is thus the celebrating time for them and hence Monsoon is celebrated as a festival in India.

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