Wed April 09, 2014 By: Sai Seravan Bodipudi

how can a resource help a man in his life time?

Expert Reply
Wed April 16, 2014
Resources are essential for the development and survival of human race. Humans cannot survive without the natural resources like air (we breath), water (drinking and other purposes) and sunlight.
The wooden furnitture that we use at home or the paper on which we write is obtained from the trees. Forests provide humans with 5F's- food, fruits, fodder, fuel and fibres. It indirectly increses precipitation on which human life depends for their survival.
Soil is a medium of plant growth and support different kinds of living organisms including humans on the earth.
Land is an important resource as it supports natural vegetation, animal and human life. We live on land and perform various activities on land itself.
Various mineral resources like iron ore, aluminium, copper etc. have resulted in the development of human civilisation. These mineral resources have led to industrialisation which has resulted in economic prosperity of human beings.
Humans therefore can not survive without various kinds of resources.
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