Tue September 01, 2009 By: Dhairya Sathvara


Expert Reply
Wed September 02, 2009

Anion and cation

Ions are charged species.

Anion is negatively charged ion. Example: Cl-

Cations are positively charged ions. Example: Na+ , Mg2+

Anode and cathode

Anode and cathode are electrodes of a cell.

Bu definition, an electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit .

Both anode and cathode can be positive or negative depending on the type of cell.

By definition , oxidation reaction takes place at anode and reduction reaction takes place at cathode.

If you consider charge, in an electrochemical cell, anode is negatively charged and cathode is positively charged.

In an electrolytic cell, cathode is negatively charged and anode is positively charged.


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