Tue March 03, 2015 By: Sanmit Ratnaparkhi

hellow sir or mam, 
i have 7 days left for my maths final paper and i have aldredy solved full ncert , sureshot question bank from topper, previous year question from cbse and some more sample papers.
i have revised all the chapters nicely. can u pls guide me how i can use these extra 7 days for full 100% prepration of exams. i want to get full 90 marks in exam this time.

Expert Reply
Vimala Ramamurthy
Tue March 03, 2015

Thanks for asking us a question in Ask the Expert section of

Definitely you are going to score full 90 marks in boards.
Be confident on your preparation.
Now you can revise your revision notes from Toppers.
While writing the solutions in the exam try to avoid calculation mistakes.
Be sure that you are giving a right answer to the right question.
Before submitting the answer paper to the examiner, take a full review of all the questions
for 10 minutes.
Try to avoid corrections with pen and write the solutions in a legible way.
Eat healthy food and have a minimum of 8 hours sleep.
All the best for your exams!!!!!


Topperlearning Team.
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