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hello sir.i would like an answer to this query. if tanA=3/4,can i take sinA=3 and CosA=4 as tanA=sinA/CosA?

Expert Reply
Sat July 07, 2012
The answer to your question is no.
tan A is the ratio of perpendicular to base.
sin A is the ratio of perpendicular to hypotenuse.
cos A is the ratio of base to hypotenuse.
so if tan A = 3/4 = perpendicular/base
Here we calculate hypotenuse as 5.
So, sin A = 3/4 and cos A = 4/5
Clearly, sin A is not equal to 3 and cos A is not equal to 4.
Its just that when you take ratio of sin A to cos A (to find tan A), then the 5 cancels in both numerator and denominator.
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