Fri March 13, 2015 By: Rock The World

Hello Sir.
Can you tell me which quetions are important that can come in icse board exams of physics??.....

Expert Reply
Romal Bhansali
Fri March 13, 2015
It would be difficult to provide important questions w.r.t board exams.
However, the following topics are important from which questions can come.
1) Contact and non-contact forces.
2) Newton's laws of motion
3) Moment of force
4) Centripetal and centrifugal force
5) Work
6) Different forms of energy
7) Production of electricity
8) Conservation of energy
9) Levers and Pulley
10) Refraction through a prism
11) Critical angle and total internal reflection
12) Formation of image by a lens
13) Dispersion
14) Electromagnetic spectrum
15) Resonance
16) Characteristics of Sound
17) Ohm's law
18) Resistivity
19) E.M.F. and combination of resistors
20) Fuse
21) Electromagnet
22) D.C. motor
23) Faraday's laws
24) A.C. generator
25) Specific heat capacity
26) Change of phase
27) Latent heat
28) Global warming
29) Cathode ray tube
30) Radioactivity
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