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Hello Pavan I came across this question while doing some extra questions based on this chaper.i cannot solve the following 4 questions. pleasw help me with this.PLS REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Expert Reply
Wed April 18, 2012
The questions which you posted are not visible. The answer to the second question which was visible is as follows:


cosec A + cot A - (cosec2A - cot2A ) / cot A- cosec A + 1 (USING IDENTITY)

= cosec A + cot A -( cosec A + cot A) ( cosecA - cot A) /cot A - cosecA+1

= cosec A+ cot A ( 1- cosec A+ cot A) / cot A-cosec A+1

= cosec A+ cot A



1+cos A /sin A

= 1/ sin A+ cos A / sin A

=cosec A + cot A

Hence LHS =RHS

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