Mon October 24, 2011 By: Selsha Ks

giving the mo configuration compare the stability of o2 , o2- and o2+. also predict the magnetic behaviour of each

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Mon October 24, 2011
Configuration of O2 = ?1s2, ?*1s2,?2s2, ?*2s2, ?2pz2, ?2px2, ?2py2, ?*2px1, ?*2py1.
Configuration of O2+
= ?1s2, ?*1s2,?2s2, ?*2s2, ?2pz2, ?2px2, ?2py2, ?*2px1.
Configuration of O2 -  = ?1s2, ?*1s2,?2s2, ?*2s2, ?2pz2, ?2px2, ?2py2, ?*2px2, ?*2py1.
The stability can be compared using the bond order of the three molecules.
O2Bond order 2.5
Bond order 2
Bond order 1.5
So, the more the bond order, stronger will be the bond.
These molecules will be paramagnetic.

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