Wed March 26, 2014 By: Sanskrati Gawande

give the structure of di boron B2H6

Expert Reply
Thu March 27, 2014

Diborane (B2H6) has D2h structure containing conventional covalent bond structure. It has four terminal and two bridged hydrogen atoms.

There are four terminal B-H bonds are two centre - two electron bonds. Two bridge B − H − B bonds are three centre - two electron bonds.

The bond between boron and hydrogen are held together by four electrons (each boron has 1 valence electron from 1 from hydrogen). It forms 3-centre-2-electron bonding. The structure looks like banana hence called as banana bond.

The bond length of B-H(bridge) and B-H(terminal) is 1.22 A and 1.19 A. The B-H(bridge) bond is weaker compared to B-H(terminal).

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