Thu September 06, 2012 By: Aishwarya Pawar

Give reasons:- (i)Why is the binding energy per nucleon found to be constant for nuclei in the range of mass no.(A)lying betwn 30 & 170? (ii)When a heavy nucleus with mass no.A=120 energy is released in the process? (iii)In B-decay,the experimental detection of neutrinos(or antineutrinos)is found to be experimentally difficult?

Expert Reply
Sat September 08, 2012
(1)The binding energy is a very short order range force.
    So beyond a certain amount of range the force has no influencee beyond that. thats why after
    certain number the binding energy per nuceon do not change even if we add more nucleons
(2) It is so because, when the nucleus will  decompose into lighter nuclie, there will be some mass lost which comes out in the form of energy.
(3)It is because nutrinos are with very less mass and no charge thus they do not interact at all.
Thus difficult to detect
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