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Give functions and location of aerolic, adipose and squamous tissues.

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Fri August 22, 2008


i) Areolar tissue - Between skin and muscles, around blood vessels and nerves and in bone marrow.

ii) Adipose - Below skin and between internal organs.

iii) Squamous - Skin, oesophagus, lining of mouth, pericardium, alveoli, etc. and lining of blood vessels.


i) Areolar tissue - It fills the space inside the organs, supports internal organs and helps in repair of tissues.

ii) Adipose - It helps in storage of fats in the body, which can be used by the body when needed. Storage of fats helps it to act as an insulator. It provides shock absorbing cushions around kidneys and eyeballs.

iii) Squamous - It protects the underlying parts of the body and also forms a selectively permeable surface through which filtration occurs.

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