Mon June 04, 2012 By: Vanshika Malviya

Four equivalent resistance of 5 ohm each are connected to form the sides of rhombus ABCD.Calculate resistance offered by combination between points A and C.Find the current when a 5 volt cell is connected across A and C

Expert Reply
Tue June 05, 2012
R1&R2 are in series say eq res of them is A. A=R1+R2=10 ohm
R3 & R4 are in series say eq res of them is B. B=R3+R4=10 ohm
Now A &B  are in parallel.
so eq res:R
1/R =1/A  +1/B
R=5 ohm between A & C
if 5 V res is connected bet A &C
then current in the ciorcuit=V/R=1 A
in each branch current will divide in two equal parts ie will be 0.5 A each as the resistance in each branch is equal.
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