Tue April 08, 2014 By: Sayoni Maiti

f(x)={|x-4|} ,x not equal to 4}           x-4                              at x=4        {0       , x equal to 4}          we have to find the left hand limit and right hand limit... i understood  how to find the right hand and left hand limit... but i cannot simply understand the meaning of this question. 1)why is that 0(zero) written ?? and what is the whole use of- {0       , x equal to 4}  ?? 2) why is it written x equal to and not equal to 4... though we have to do the sum taking x=4 only??? sir, i studied limits on my own and could even solve some of the examples of rd sharma.. i have not taken any tuition... and looking forward not to take any.. sir, please could you clarify these conceptual doubts of mine???? 

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Wed April 09, 2014
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